People ask me all the time, "What's your favorite part about being a photographer?". Usually they say it must be the creative freedom I have, or being my own boss, or traveling literally ANYWHERE for work. All of those things are amazing don't get me wrong, but I always say it's the people. The new faces I get to meet, get to know, get to laugh hysterically with, get to befriend. I could pose and mold you all day, have you stand like statues in front of my camera and have you follow every professional direction to a T. And ya know what? Those photos would probably look pretty good.

But where's the fun in that? Did you almost keel over from laughing, or get so close to your partner that you feel those same butterflies you felt on your first date? Can you look back at those photos years down the road and feel that same energy and be transported back to that exact moment in time? And what about that photographer, is it someone you shelled out a bunch of money to for some "nice photos" and occasionally like their Instagram posts? Or did you make a new best friend during the process who you invite out to the bar after your wedding?

Choosing the right photographer for you is so important, and I know how hard it is to sort through the many options out there. If you think I could be that right fit, then I can't wait to hear from you!

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"Biscuit chocolate bonbon cupcake apple pie icing. Cupcake pie jelly muffin cake macaroon carrot cake ice cream cake. " -Camille S.



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