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The first time I traveled outside of the US in 2019, I knew it was a rapidly growing passion that I wanted to marry to my passion for photography and for people. In November of that same year, I traveled to Santorini, Greece for my first International booking and I have not turned back.

Everytime I get to explore a new and unfamiliar place with my camera, my artistic expression is reborn and I fall in love with my job all over again. From Greece, to Ireland, to Mexico, Australia, and Iceland, I have been blessed enough to see so much of our world and cannot wait for the adventures ahead.

In my time as a photographer, the most common question I am asked is what my favorite part of my job is. There are so many good answers to this; being my own boss, creating art, traveling, flexibility, the list goes on. My answer has always and will always be this: people.

I love people. I love that I get to meet so many unique individuals and personalities,  from so many different backgrounds and places. I love that I get to build lasting relationships that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to make.  I love that I get to capture people's raw, real, intimate moments and emotions. Their laughs, their tears, and everything in between.

"Maddie is truly the best of both worlds, a great personality and incredible skills behind the camera. She is so relatable, fun, professional, and the perfect balance of upbeat and calming energy that you want on your wedding day. She invests in everyone she works with and knows how to authentically capture you as a couple".

"Maddie was incredible to work with! Her photos are amazing and she makes the whole experience so easy and fun." -Morgan K.

"Maddie is a true professional! She made the whole process fun and lighthearted, while capturing some incredible shots. She is patient, creative, and so kind." -Annabelle M.